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OPG Machine  (Full mouth X ray)


OPG commonly known as Panorex or full mouth radiograph gives a complete image of all the teeth and jaw bones thereby enabling the doctors to diagnose better.

We are the first dental practice in Delhi to have installed the latest Kodak model 8100 OPG machine in a specially designed room where we meticulously follow safety norms to prevent any kind of radiation leakage. The OPG is made and stored on our server, which then enables viewing on any of our multiple screens.

MaxStar - eMotion

MaxStar - eMotion

High-Speed Design The DMG MixStar-eMotion sets new standards. Its forward-looking technology makes it:

Easier The MixStar-eMotion is extremely easy to operate. With one quick push-button operation the material is automatically dosed, mixed, and dispensed with electronic precision. And to further simplify the work process the unit features two timers for processing time and setting time. The time settings for different impression materials can be pre-programmed, stored, and easily retrieved.

Faster The MixStar-eMotion features three speed levels. At the highest level the material can be dispensed twice as fast as with its predecessor, the MixStar, i. e. you can save up to 20 seconds filling the tray.

Safe Electronically controlled, the MixStar-eMotion delivers an invariably homogenous and bubble-free material quality. The material dispensed into the tray is always precisely dosed and material waste is reduced to a minimum. By programming and storing the correct working and setting times mixing and impression errors can be prevented.

Autoclave-B Class

Autoclave-B Class.jpg

A Class B Sterilizer is a steam sterilizer that uses a vacuum pump to remove air/steam mixtures from the chamber prior to sterilization cycle beginning .

This process can remove 99% of the air inside of the chamber before the temperature and pressure increases to it’s necessary parameters. This dynamic air removal provides the necessary conditions to sterilize any load type, including porous or hollow materials, products in pouches, textiles and hollow items like wands, turbines, handpieces and tips.

According to the Public Health of Ontario Dynamic Air Removal Sterilizers (Class B) are the preferred method of sterilization.

Why should a dentistry choose a class B dental autoclave for the sterilization of their instruments?

The main reason why class N and class S autoclaves are not recommended for most dental clinics is that they lack the versatility of the more advanced class B models. As opposed to the other models, class B dental autoclaves use a powerful vacuum pump to remove all the air from their chamber, which allows the steam they use to sterilize every part of the instruments inside. This enables them to treat wrapped and unwrapped instruments, porous items, as well as medical textile products.

As a bonus, they are also capable of much faster sterilization and drying cycles, enabling medical staff to work much more efficiently.

J Morita Endomotor & Apex Locator 


Best in class , world leader in root canal treatment , j morita endomotor and apex locator helps us  in advance technology in root canal treatment and increases accuracy and succes of root canal treatment 

Intra oral 3D scanner

maxresdefault (1).jpg
maxresdefault (2).jpg

The intra-oral scanner is the need of this new era of the Digital dentistry world. It is equipment that is used in digital dentistry for making digital intra-oral impressions of the patient’s oral cavity without using the conventional impression trays. 

Intraoral scanner based on the 3d capturing technology which converts 2 D images into 3D images and shows it digitally, Intra Oral digital scanners are used by clinicians for impression making for prepared crowns, coping cuttings, for implant prosthesis, for orthodontic work.

Advantages of the Intraoral Scanner are:

  • Used as diagnostic tools to tell, show and do patients about his oral health.

  • Digital impression making is time-saving thus more patients can be attended to. 

  • Fast impression making over the conventional impression 

  • High accuracy/precision of impression.

  • The widest range for applications.

  • Saves money on impression material cost.

  • Increase the patient’s comfort level and reduce the chair time.

Wifi Solution for Doctors & Patients


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